Jian I Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 as a specialist manufacturer of environment friendly products, wall switches / sockets, artistic covers and bathroom related accessories. Products include automatic water outlet device, fuzzy firmer switch, bathroom cover, road drainage cover (patent product), sink / washing machine cover (to prevent intrusion of cockroaches and mosquitoes) and shower handle, many products are granted patents in Taiwan, USA, West Germany, Japan and China. Export volume is rapidly increasing throughout the glove. We believe survival of a company depends a lot on product development policy and marketing strategies. OEM's samples are welcome.

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Characteristics :
1. Environment-friendly water outlet device with fuzzy timer switch.
2. Filling material of covers / tops for flooring, sink, washing machine, bathtub,
    water outlet, home road drainage to prevent intrusion of cockroaches and
    mosquitoes, to stop odor leakage.
3. Timer flushing device for toilets.
4. Shower for high or low water pressure.
5. Bathtub with faster drainage device.
6. 360o rotating shower.

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